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    Probanx Additional Modules

    CorePlus is build around a core system and a range of modules that the banks can select based upon their current and future business needs.

    Modules Included in CorePlus:

      1. Customer Management with extended KYC info Creating, editing and managing Clients, their accounts and loans. Online Access security management and Document management.
      2. Multiple Signatories - Multiple signatories per account.
      3. Document Management - Photo & Signature Imaging.
      4. Account Product Designer - Create new Products and assign Sub-Ledgers, fees, and rates.
      5. Multi-Currency Transactions - With automated exchange rates.
      6. Charges & Fees Management - See Account/Product Designer description
      7. Multi-currency General Ledger - Based on EAS standard.
      8. Accounts Payable - Included in General Ledger.
      9. Fixed Assets Management - With automated posting of depreciation.
      10. Integrated Secure Messaging - For internal uses and clients.
      11. Reports & Enquiries- Over 100 predefined reports available.
      12. Multi-Lingual Screens - 40 Languages.
      13. Online Help pages - Context sensitive help pages.

    Optional Modules available:

    1. Loans and Mortgages-Under the heading of “Loans”, this module is the interactive lending facility in Core Plus
    2. Collateral Register - Included with Loans Module.
    3. Teller – Back Office – Management of Teller/Vault in Branches and Headquarters.
    4. Branch Management - Full control of tellers and vault.
    5. Cheque Management - Complete workflow from check-book to settlement.
    6. Standing Orders - automated payments, internal and international.
    7. Internet Banking -Online banking portal for clients to perform all transactional events.
    8. Merchant Banking -For remote Merchant Setup and Management.
    9. Credit/Debit Cards - Card Management
    10. Portfolio Management - For private banking and investment managers with online view for clients.
    11. Outgoing Swift Messages -System generated swift messages.
    12. API Interface to Comply Advantage - Direct link for Anti Money Laundering (AML).
    13. API Interface to Intercash - Requests for Prepaid Master Cards.
    14. Central Bank Reporting -Customizable Reports for central Bank
    15. Payroll Management - Flexible System to manage employees payroll.
    16. SMS & email Alerts -Probanx Notification Center for sending Emails and SMS according to the setup and management of “Alert Rules”!
    17. Smartphone App - Online Banking via mobile phones
    18. Altus - Complete Funtionality for Stock Analysis, Stock Exchange and FOREX

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