About Us

Probanx Solutions Ltd (Probanx®) is an international banking software company, an autonomous subsidiary of ISX Financial EU PLC. Probanx Solution LTD has been serving the banking industry since the year 2000 by developing comprehensive banking software solutions to financial institutions around the globe.

Probanx® offers web-based banking solutions using the latest technology and international standard business rules. Our customers are located on five continents and it is our mission to offer the best quality and service. The banking sector is a highly competitive industry. Customers are offered a plethora of choices, preferential rates, and services from competitive financial institutions. Banks wanting to stay ahead of the competition require flexibility to quickly adjust to market conditions and fine-tune their products and services. This is difficult to achieve with traditional banking software, only through a solution like our Enterprise Banking System called CorePlus, which features a flexible and user-friendly design combined with state-of-the-art technology.

CorePlus provides all the common processes in a central ‘core’. Being centralized, they provide a homogenous view of the entire financial institution. This increases management efficiency, reduces overheads and ensures quality and security. CorePlus offers the simplicity of operation and maintenance, which translates into high-value performance and low cost of ownership. The scalable and open architecture enables banks, neobanks, electronic money, payment service providers and credit institutions to grow and expand, in the safe knowledge that they made a future-proof IT investment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower financial institutions around the world in their digital banking transformation

Our Mission

We are leveraging our team’s diverse experiences and knowledge to develop, deliver and support a versatile banking solution that is affordable by any type and size of financial institution

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