CorePlus is a fully web-based, multi-currency and multi-entity retail banking system based on a comprehensive range of specialized, feature-rich modules that support a wide range of banking business functions.

With a common look and feel, all application modules have the advantage of operating in a way that is familiar and easy to understand.

Features and Capabilities

Real-time online operation

CorePlus is designed for real-time online operation for all products and transactions, and throughout the wide-area network of the banks operation. This is the highest standard of operational management and conforms to the new Basel II agreement.



CorePlus is a fully integrated banking system, which can be extended by a comprehensive range of additional modules that are specialized and functionally rich. With a common look and feel, all applications operate in a similar way. This enables the employees to work with confidence in the knowledge that each area is familiar and easy to understand.


Performance and reliability

Using our hardware and software recommendations, CorePlus can process high volumes of transactions in a multi-branch environment. Our integrated banking solutions have proven their reliability and safety over the past eight years.



To insure data-integrity and reduce errors, all data entered by users, except text or memo fields, are tested and validated against a flexible set of parameters or default values. Popup windows with precise and easy understandable messages tell the user immediately why the entered data is not acceptable or is out of range.



When we defined the specifications for CorePlus, our priorities were to create a fully integrated banking system with exceptional functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use. The platform is 100% web based, and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption. Users can click on buttons, select from drop-down lists or dialog boxes, enter data in pop-up windows and can use the online help. Dynamic and colorful, but also designed and tested to follow the logical workflow, these graphical interfaces make the software easy to use, thereby reducing training costs and increasing productivity.


Powerful Enquiry Tools

CorePlus provides a powerful and easy to use data search and display facility that enables the user to find specific data with a few keystrokes. The selected records can then be sorted or grouped and the result can be viewed on screen or printed. Most displayed windows incorporate a sophisticated drop-down facility that allows the user to view more detailed information related to this client, account or transaction.



CorePlus incorporates a comprehensive security system. Each user is assigned a name, password, security level, user group, transaction limits and start-up menu. The platform is 100% web based and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption. Your users can login from any device, using any browser, with their username and password. The user-file is encrypted and can only be accessed by the system analyst.


Audit trails

CorePlus maintains audit trails for any record being created or modified. The system records the transaction-reference-number, username, workstation name, date and time.


Customer Information Center with full KYC System

CorePlus places the customer at the center of the system and all accounts, transactions and relationships revolve around the Customer Information Center (CIC). The CIC integrates customer data, alternate addresses, marketing info, photos and signatures, relationships with other customers, memos and action reminders. This info is available across all modules within the system, enabling the bank to provide outstanding service to the individual customer or corporation.


Customer Documents Management

CorePlus provides online access based on authorization rules to agreements, e-statements, letters of credit and other relevant business documents.

CorePlus enables your customers to sign contracts, agreements and other documents in your e-banking platform. Customers can use mobile devices to scan and upload key documents.


Customer Transaction Management

CorePlus offers support for cash and cashless transactions along with cash register service and cash settlements, while automatically controlling their defined limits. At the same time, all those transactions, including bank transfers, direct debits or standing orders, are performed within the platform and without advisors having to log into multiple systems, which results in much swifter customer service.


Multi-Currency Accounting

CorePlus features a comprehensive and highly automated accounting system, which forms an integral part of the core banking solution. This true multi-currency general ledger operates in real-time and can be configured for the bank and country's specific requirements.

CorePlus maintains general ledger information at product, currency, category and branch level. During transaction processing, the system verifies that the required ledger accounts exist, otherwise it will automatically create these accounts according to the defined business rules. This avoids the necessity to manually open and maintain general ledger accounts, and ensures that the financial accounting automatically reconciles with the underlying business.


Account Product Designer

With CorePlus you get a competitive edge by providing account products with flexible parameters, rates and conditions, which you can tailor to the needs of any type of customer, corporation and international investor.


Charges and Fees Management

Fees, charges and commissions are an important part of the bank’s revenue. With CorePlus you can define a wide range of those charges with flexible parameters. Charges and fees can be defined as fixed amounts or as percentages of a balance or transaction, with optional min and max values. In addition, the bank can configure default fees, applied predefine intervals and transaction based fees or penalty fees for certain events e.g. the account balance falls below a defined level, etc.


Financial, Compliance & Analytics Reporting

CorePlus reporting is based on the latest SQL Server Reporting engine. It features unprecedented flexibility in selecting data from multiple sources, output formatting for web browsers (XML), PDF, Excel and multiple printers. CorePlus comes with over 200 predefined reports and enquiries for the various departments and functions

Compliance reporting is becoming more complicated year by year. Central banks require more detailed information at even shorter intervals to combat money laundering, assure financial stability and reduce credit risk. In addition, the new Basle II agreement places more burdens on the banks regarding operational risk and credit risk management and reporting. As a result, banks have to invest substantially in additional staff and IT systems to fulfill those requirements.


Internal Secure Messaging System

CorePlus provides secure communication between bank and customer. Easy integration with your customer contact center or front-office communication platform.


Export & Import Batch Files

CorePlus provides a mechanism for exporting (downloading) transaction details between specified dates and saving those details in a number of different file formats. These files can then be imported into a number of popular financial management packages.

CorePlus also provides the capability to import payment files created via payroll and other software packages.


Correspondent Banks Management

CorePlus provides an integrated solution for managing your correspondent relationships.


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