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Probanx® CorePlus core banking solution, brings together a plethora of modules with an agile, modern user interface and a forward-thinking architecture, entirely built using Microsoft technologies, that enables financial institutions to pick and choose functionalities and workflows that fit their needs. The flexibility and functional breadth of CorePlus banking suites helps existing and potential customers around the globe to implement their operational strategies, optimize back office and customer experience, while maintaining compliance and ensuring profitability.

CorePlus is an online banking specifically design and configured to simplify the operational management of a bank and to facilitate a quick migration from legacy systems or manual procedures to a user friendly and modern platform. This allows a bank to offer unparalleled services to its customers and have better access to information and reporting for the management of the bank.

Key Features
Customer Information Center

Probanx® CorePlus places the customer at the center of the system and all accounts, transactions and relationships revolve around the Customer Information Center (CIC). The CIC integrates customer data, alternate addresses, marketing info, photos and signatures, relationships with other customers, memos and action reminders. This info is available across all modules within the system, enabling the bank to provide outstanding service to the individual customer or corporation.

Customer Document Management

The Customer Document Management (CDM) helps both banks and customers to manage all critical documents and data faster, more securely and paperless. Uploading and sharing any type of document can be initiated both from the back office and the client portal in a seamless exchange for document approval/rejection. In addition, if a document has an expiration date, the bank’s compliance users as well as the bank’s customers can be notified if it passed its expiration date in order to share an updated/renewed one.

Account Product Designer

With Probanx® CorePlus you get a competitive edge by providing account products with flexible parameters, rates and conditions, which you can tailor to the needs of any type of customer, corporation and international investor.

Multi - Currency Accounting

Probanx® CorePlus features a comprehensive and highly automated accounting system, which forms an integral part of the core banking solution. This true multi-currency general ledger operates in real-time and can be configured for the bank and country's specific requirements. Also maintains general ledger information at product, currency, category and branch level. During transaction processing, the system verifies that the required ledger accounts exist, otherwise it will automatically create these accounts according to the defined business rules.

Charges and Fees Management

The Charges and Fees Management (CFM) saves time and provides an improved, transparent and informed relationship between users. The bank can modify existing charges or create new ones on the fly based on configurations whether to have a default percentage (%) or use a min/max amount in any currency, for different customer group types and then chosen for different purposes (i.e. cards, loans, transfers etc.). In addition, once an activity is performed with the applicable charges and fees then based on configurations the accounting entries can either be generated automatically on the associated ledger or assigned manually.

Export & Import Batch Files

Probanx® CorePlus provides a mechanism for exporting (downloading) transaction details between specified dates and saving those details in a number of different file formats. These files can then be imported into a number of popular financial management packages. Also provides the capability to import payment files created via payroll and other software packages.

Key Modules
Online Customer Banking Portal

The e-banking was designed to be the most user-friendly application on the market, not only for your end-users, but also for you, the administrator. The platform is 100% web based and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption. Your users can login from any device, using any browser, with their username and password. The system detects and adjusts to the device, screen size and browser used, ensuring a perfect layout and functionality on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets alike.

Loans and Mortgages Module

The Loans and Mortgages Module (LMM) was designed to process all types of loans and mortgages for commercial, corporate, credit unions, retail and private customers, including micro finance. The seamless integration of loans with the customer information center, accounts and collateral register, document attachments and payment module greatly assist the bank through all stages of a loan from application, credit granting, payment processing to risk management and P/L analysis.

Cards Management Module

The Cards Management Module (CMM) coordinates a broad range of specific card-related services and activities. The range of functionalities expands continuously as new payment tools and channels become available incorporating the whole card lifecycle. The CMM can support a variety of card schemas like MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Dinners Club, domestic ones through API integrations to Payment Card Providers.

Transaction Monitoring Module

The Transaction Monitoring Module supports incoming, outgoing and internal transfers in multicurrency using SWIFT/SEPA standard messaging formats. It facilitates domestic and international fund transfers, streamlines the full cycle of payments while ensuring compliance workflows. In addition, Transaction Monitoring Module provides comprehensive reports to track transfer status, audit trails and detail movement with full message generation and accounting module integration.

Internal Core Banking APIs

Probanx® CorePlus Web Restful Services APIs use the standard JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or XML to exchange messages over secure HTTPS websites.

PSD2 Open Banking UK Module

PSD2 Open Banking UK Module provides a set of different API implementations that permit a financial institution expose their services and data such that they can be safely consumed by third party providers in order to provide extended Payment Initiation and Account Information services to financial institution's clients.

Additional Benefits
Payroll SEPA Execution through Probanx® CoreConnect

The Payroll function allows you to create and execute your payroll quickly and easily in the following two ways:

  • Via file upload: The file can be extracted directly from your payroll software.
  • Through the payroll function, which allows you to setup and execute payroll.
Real-time Sanctions & PEP screening through LexisNexis

Real-time Sanctions & PEP screening helps financial institutions identify sanctioned or high-risk entities on watch lists or Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists with fewer false positive alerts. The module is integrated with LexisNexis in order to provide information from the most important sanction lists all over the world such as EU, OFAC, FBI, UN, DFAT and HM Treasury.

IBAN Validation

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) validation through control digits is used as an effective way of reducing failed transactions when processing international and domestic payments. Additionally, our system can identify the Bank Identifier Code (BIC) for the respective bank and branch. By verifying the correct BIC code in combination with a valid IBAN, you can ensure effective routing of the payment to the recipient bank.

SMS and Email Notifications Module

Use email notifications to send selected users email or SMS notifications about specific activities in the system, such as updates to incidents or change requests.

Email notifications allow administrators to specify:

  • When to send the notification
  • Who receives the notification
  • What content is in the notification 
Push Events Interface

The Push Events Interface push predefined messages for an optimized customer experience as well as real-time operations’ alerts and streamlined workflows.

AML screening for Clients Onboarding & Monitoring through ComplyAdvantage

ComplyAdvantage is a global AML data and technology company. We help compliance professionals’ access real-time, high quality and relevant AML risk data to make the right risk decisions quickly.

Flexible Configuration
Fast Implementation
Exceptional Security
Intuitive Interface
Cost Efficiency
Cloud Or Data Center-Based
Integration with Probanx® CoreConnect SEPA Payments Gateway

CoreConnect provides direct and quick access to SEPA schemas via the Central Bank of Lithuania’s CENTROlink system.

Integration with SWIFT alliance lite 2

Alliance Lite 2 is the new cloud-based way to connect to the SWIFT network. Highly secure and reliable, it enables users to send and receive all types of SWIFT messages and files. It supports the volume needs of most SWIFT customers. And, as a true cloud service, Alliance Lite2 requires very little equipment at the users' premises and limited upfront investment.

Integration with EBICS

The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is a German transmission protocol developed by the German Banking Industry Committee for sending and receiving payment. It can be used to exchange information with any bank in France, Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Integration with Global Processing Services

Global Processing Services (GPS) is the issuer processor enabling many of today's most high-profile fintech innovators and disruptors. It is certified by Mastercard and Visa to process and manage any credit, debit or pre-paid card transaction globally.

Integration with InterCash

Intercash is a global financial technology company specializing in payment management and services. Intercash niche and focus is in the prepaid card issuing vertical, with almost two decades of experience managing card issuing for Mastercard and Visa, regulated banks, and corporations.

Integration with CR2 (ATM and POS transaction management system)

Sparrow 8 is CR2’s latest release of our leading UNIX-based ATM and POS transaction management system. It is an impressive ATM, POS and debit card management system complete with routing and stand-in processing capabilities. Sparrow offers you a complete out-of-the-box solution that will issue debit cards as well as capably running small to medium sized networks of ATM and POS terminals.

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