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Probanx partners with Sequrest to offer collective cyber security tech
Probanx partners with Sequrest to offer collective cyber security tech

Sequrest, the cybersecurity specialist has announced that it has signed an agreement with Probanx, a supplier of web-based solutions to the banking sector.

The exclusive partnership will see Sequrest provide a collective cybersecurity solution to Probanx’s worldwide customer base, allowing them to benefit from industrial strength cybersecurity solutions at a fraction of the cost associated with this level of cyber security defense and protection.

Founded in 2000 and with headquarters in Cyprus, the ‘Silicon Island of Europe’, Probanx provides banking software to a global customer base of financial institutions. It’s web-based banking solutions utilizing the latest technology and international standard business rules are in use throughout the financial sector from private and Internet banks to commercial and retail banks.

Part of the Probanx Mission Statement is to ‘contribute to a more secure and efficient banking environment by providing innovative and reliable technologies to financial institutions’, as Christodoulos Georgiou, General Manager of Probanx explains:

“We will help our customers to adapt to changes in the banking market by increasing their operational capability to defend against the latest cyber and digital threats. Sequrest is a recognized leader in this area and their innovative range of cyber defense and protection solutions perfectly complements the Probanx solutions. I was impressed with the Sequrest vision for tackling dynamic cybersecurity challenges at a cost-effective investment level. The ability for our customers to collectively access a world-class cybersecurity platform at a fraction of the normal cost is a compelling proposition for organizations that want robustness and resilience in this digital age.”

Robert McClure, Managing Director of Sequrest added, “Probanx has a reputation for providing banking solutions that enable customers to work more efficiently, offer better services and remain competitive. However, the rapidly changing threat landscape means organizations cannot afford to stand still. To thrive in the future, banks and other financial institutions will need to deploy effective and ‘always on’ cyber defenses for maximum resilience. As a product agnostic integrator of cyber and digital solutions, Sequrest is ideally positioned to offer independent advice and guidance on how best to mount this defense.”

Sequrest provides complete, end to end cyber security solutions that provide organizations with the highest level of protection against current and future cyber threats. It is also developing a new Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) platform which will further enhance the ability of companies to cost-effectively benefit from secure and robust cyber defenses.

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