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Probanx® banking solutions are available via a cloud-based delivery model. Cloud offers a scalable, manageable technology model that reduces IT hardware, maintenance and development costs, which makes it the ideal deployment choice.

New entrant banks are not generally burdened by complicated IT systems, and do not wish to be. By deploying core banking in the cloud, start-up banks are able to remain customer and market focused, while entrusting technology partners with IT service delivery.

The ability to outsource the delivery of banking technology as a cloud-based service means new entrant banks have access to a highly secure, always-on, industry-leading core banking technology, without the need for significant internal IT resources and expensive infrastructure of their own.

The leasing option refers a standard setup fee plus any optional modules, monthly support and a maintenance fee, which is hosted on our own dedicated servers. Our team of experts is responsible for the maintenance of the system and servers including the daily backups and system updates.



The licensing option provides the same solution with the leasing purchasing option with one main difference in mind. Flexibility at the hands of the entrant bank.

With the licensing of option, the entrant bank has the ability to decide the location of deployment based on the business requirements. We as Probanx provide the option to host the applications on our dedicated cloud service or the entrant bank’s host service of their choice. This could vary from public hosting services to private in-house hosting solutions, making the hosting decision flexible to the requirements of the business. Based on the hosting decision, the IT hardware, maintenance and development costs are maintained by the relevant party. In addition, the hosting decision also affects the daily backups of the software.

The entrant bank is offered a white-labeled solution, allowing an unrestricted number of backups to the implementation of the software. Based on business decisions, the entrant bank is offered the option to maintain their own software development department and make modifications to the software as they see fit. In addition, the licensing option provides a thorough training program for getting the Software Development Department underway.


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